The Northern Ireland Foundation is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that develops programmes around a shared future in Northern Ireland, local community activism and the exchange of international best practices.

Northern Ireland Foundation’s key areas of work are civic leadership and community development and one of our projects is the restoration of the Carnegie Oldpark Library, which historically served as a community resource, consistent with the vision of philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. When the building was bought at auction by businessman Quintin Oliver and his partner Fiona MacMillan, their vision was to carry out a restoration and to develop as a community project. At this point, we have identified the local project partner, the Lower Oldpark Community Association (LOCA) and we are working towards these goals. At the moment we are trying to re-engage the local community with the building and its future. As part of this effort we open Carnegie Oldapark doors for events like Cinema Day, EHOD, guided tours etc.