Absent from the Academy + Discussion

6:20 PM 30th October 2019 Queen's Film Theatre

Absent from the Academy attempts to trace and uncover the impact the lack of Black professors and Black knowledge production has on life in the UK.

Research suggests that within UK universities there are only 85 Black professors out of 18,500. That is 0.4% of the overall figure. This number does not reflect the demographic make-up of Black African/Caribbean people in the country, and as such raises a number of important questions.

If universities and higher education institutions exist as key sites for the manufacture and study of society, culture and knowledge, what impact does this lack of representation have on our nations and institutions?

The film, featuring contributions from Professor Paul Gilroy, Professor Hakim Adi and Dr Denise Noble, will be followed by a panel discussion centred on the Black experience and representation in Higher Education today.

This event is presented in partnership with Queen’s Students’ Union as part of Black History Month.

Dir: Nathan E. Richards, UK, 2013, 33 mins, Unrated