Black Christmas (1974)

8:00 PM 13th December 2019 Beanbag Cinema

Before Halloween there was Black Christmas! Join Banterflix at the Beanbag Cinema for a screening of Bob Clark’s Black Christmas to celebrate the film’s 45th anniversary.

Clark’s film tells the story of a sorority house whose members are being tormented by a mysterious killer hiding in their attic. What starts as deeply unsettling phone calls, soon descends into murder as the girls are killed off one by one.

Whilst often overlooked within the back-catalogue of seminal horror movies, there’s no denying Black Christmas has left a lasting legacy upon the horror genre. Clark’s use of POV shots throughout the movie would be something John Carpenter would go on to replicate four years later in Halloween.

So join BanterFlix at the Beanbag Cinema for a Christmas movie with a killer twist!