Cinemagic 2023: A Whisper in the Island of the Heart (shorts programme)

1:00 PM 07th October 2023 Belfast Barge

Cinemagic Film Festival presents A Whisper in the Island of the Heart, a shorts programme for young audiences.

A WHISPER IN THE ISLAND OF THE HEART - Six atmospheric, thoughtful, and experimental short films that explore the youth experience.

Dir: Carol Nguyen - Canada - 2022 - 14 mins
A young girl quietly observes as her aunt takes care of her ill grandfather.

Dir: Cristina Sanchez Salamanca - Colombia - 2022 - 15 mins
On her stepsister’s birthday, Nina must confront her insecurities and her fraying relationship with her father.

Dir: Wouter Keijzer - Netherlands - 2022 - 14 mins
Flynn wants to hang out with her two friends, just like the cool kids in the neighbourhood.

A Whisper in the Island of the Heart
Dir: Xiaowen Wang - USA - 2022 - 13 mins
A little girl returns to her hometown in Tibet, where a team of doctors treat the medical condition she has had since birth.

Dir: Viko Nikci - Ireland - 2023 - 15 mins
Yana, a young Ukrainian girl, struggles to assimilate into her new Irish school until she meets with Chloe, who helps her settle and find some hope in this new country.

Dir: Luca Meisters - Netherlands - 2023 - 15 mins
A new home, a new school, and a parent who no longer seems to be who he once was.

Age Recommendation: 12+

Start Time: 1.00pm (Exit Time: 2.30pm approx).

*Please note: A ticket is not required for a child under 2 who does not need their own seat. All other attendees must book a ticket.

Concessions: (Under 18, Over 65 & Students).

Refunds - Please check your ticket (or email confirmation) as soon as you receive it. Tickets/e-tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, unless an event is cancelled, rescheduled or if they have been issued in error.

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