Cinemagic 2023: All My Colours (shorts programme)

10:30 AM 07th October 2023 Belfast Barge

Cinemagic Film Festival presents All My Colours, a shorts programme for young audiences.

ALL MY COLOURS - Join us as we discover vibrant new worlds, surprising characters, breathtaking landscapes, and unknown traditions in this animation shorts package for young audiences.

What’s in that Crate?
Dir: Bram Algoed - Belgium - 2023 - 9 mins
A story about a pilot, a captain, a machinist, a driver, a mailman, a girl....and a giant box!

All My Colours
Dir: Marc Riba & Anna Solanas - Spain - 2023 - 5 mins
A little girl loses all her colours. Is there any way to recover them?

When I Was Scared of the Dark
Dir: Célia Tisserant & Arnaud Demuynck - France & Belgium - 2022 - 7 mins
Robert does not like going to bed as he thinks there are monsters in his room, hiding in the dark.

Oren’s Way
Dir: Diana K. Lee - USA - 2023 - 17mins
A clever princess must capture a magical Golden Fox to save her kingdom.

Dir: Cedric Igodt & David Van de Weyer - Belgium - 2022 - 15 mins
A young fairy, bored with life in the castle, dreams of becoming a witch.

Blue Teddy Bear
Dir: Marina Andree Skop - Croatia - 2023 - 10 mins
A young boy longs to play with his birthday present, but his germophobe mother has other ideas.

The Turnip
Dir: Piret Sigus & Silja Saarepuu - Estonia - 2022 - 7 mins
A magical interpretation of an old folktale exploring the cultivation of vegetables.

Dir: Kasia K. Pieróg - Poland - 2022 - 12 mins
Two sisters travel to the realm of clouds on a paper plane.

The Hind
Dir: Helen Woolston & John F Quirk - UK - 2023- 4 mins
A girl from our world stumbles into the realm of Fianna warriors from traditional Gaelic traditions.

Age Recommendation: 8+

Start Time: 10.30am (Exit Time: 12.00pm approx).

*Please note: A ticket is not required for a child under 2 who does not need their own seat. All other attendees must book a ticket.

Concessions: (Under 18, Over 65 & Students).

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