Cinemagic 2023: Shorts for Shorties

1:00 PM 14th October 2023 Ulster Museum

Cinemagic Film Festival presents Shorts for Shorties, a shorts programme for young audiences.

SHORTS FOR SHORTIES - A collection of short animations designed to appeal to young children.

Lemon & Berry
Dir: Ilenia Cotardo & Piotr Ficner - Poland - 2022 - 4 mins
Two young hummingbirds try out new inventions.

Spin & Ella
Dir: An Vrombaut - Belgium - 2023 - 7 mins
Ella and her best friend Spider love using their imagination to make spiderweb drawings together.

Drawing Land
Dir:Tony Collingwood - UK - 2023 - 8 mins
Journey through Drawing Land and meet Splot, as he searches for his missing colour.

Swing to the Moon
Dir: Marie Bordessoule - France - 2022 - 7 mins
Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the moon!

Rain Boy
Dir: Barbara Brunner - Switzerland - 2023 - 5 mins
Rainboy isn’t a common gardener. He plants drops and grows clouds.

Dir: Leonis Levy - France - 2022 - 5 mins
A lonely little bear in the forest finds comfort in the night sky.

The Bridge
Dir: Kim Sohyun - South Korea - 2023 - 6 mins
A large rock transforms itself into a bridge to help little animals cross a ravine.

Lizzie and the Sea
Dir: Mariacarla Norall - Italy - 2023 - 8mins
A young girl with a tremendous fear of the sea, begins an incredible adventure.

Alpha Generation
Dir: Débora Resendes - Brazil - 2023 - 11 mins
Rebecca, a girl passionate about reading, tries to convince best friend Marcelo, to read a book.

Mouse House
Dir: Timon Leder - Slovenia - 2022 - 8 mins
A mouse traps himself in a cheese wheel while his friend must contend with a hungry cat.

Age Recommendation: 3+

Start Time: 1.00pm (Exit Time: 2.10pm approx).

*Please note: A ticket is not required for a child under 2 who does not need their own seat. All other attendees must book a ticket.

Concessions: (Under 18, Over 65 & Students).

Refunds - Please check your ticket (or email confirmation) as soon as you receive it. Tickets/e-tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, unless an event is cancelled, rescheduled or if they have been issued in error.

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