Docs Ireland 2023: Dalton’s Dream

7:00 PM 23rd June 2023 Odeon Victoria Square

Docs Ireland 2023 presents Dalton's Dream (2023), a new film by Kim Longinotto and Franky Murray Brown about Jamaican popstar and X Factor winner Dalton Harris.

In 2018, a young musician from rural Jamaica called Dalton Harris became the first black man and foreigner to win The X Factor UK and, with it, a record deal that promised to transform his life. Filmed over four years, this coming-of-age documentary follows Dalton as he struggles for fame, love, and acceptance whilst battling dangerous allegations about his sexuality and spiralling mental health.

Charting an extraordinary rise, the film follows Dalton’s new life in London. The film explores the constant homophobic death threats he receives because of assumptions of his sexuality and the added stress of trying to keep his career afloat in a foreign country where all friends and family are out of reach. Gradually, Dalton starts to write more personal, revealing lyrics and becomes more open about his ongoing battle with his mental health. He tries to come to terms with his difficult upbringing and the fear and shame he experienced growing up in a very homophobic atmosphere in Jamaica.

The film is an inspirational story and a celebration of musical excellence. It is also filled with Kim Longinotto’s usual sensitivity, insight and meaning about the world we all inhabit.

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