Docs Ireland 2023: I Dream in Photos + Q&A

6:15 PM 24th June 2023 Queen's Film Theatre

Docs Ireland 2023 presents I Dream in Photos (2023), a portrait of the photographer Cathal McNaughton. Followed by a Q&A with McNaughton and director Gary Lennon.

The photographer without a camera.

Gambit Pictures is proud to present the World Premiere of I Dream in Photos which explores the life and work of photographer Cathal McNaughton. Filmed over three years, we will see what inspired Cathal to create his breathtaking 25-year-long body of work and why he quit “the best job in the world” aged just 40: shortly after winning the ultimate accolade in his industry – the Pulitzer Prize.

Certain photographs, certain images, have left a huge legacy on the world. Cathal’s award-winning career shows he is someone who has been blessed with a gift to take photographs that have this power. His overarching aim is to “give a voice to those that do not have one”. But this gift is also a curse. The demands that it has taken on his wellbeing and relationships are substantial.

In our world of disinformation and conflicting “truths” the need for Cathal’s work is greater than ever before. But must a photographer pay a price he cannot pay?

We are delighted to be hosting the World Premiere of this documentary.

There will be a Q&A after the film with director Gary Lennon and Cathal McNaughton.

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