Docs Ireland 2023: Let The Canary Sing (Opening Night)

7:00 PM 20th June 2023 Cineworld

Docs Ireland opens their 2023 festival with Let The Canary Sing (2023), a documentary about Cyndi Lauper

Let the Canary Sing is an immersive journey into the world of a unique voice. Cyndi Lauper hit the big time in 1983, and she’s been in the public eye ever since – as a singer-songwriter, actor, activist and most recently best-selling musical composer.

Now for the first time, Cyndi is throwing open the doors for a premium feature documentary to reveal the secrets of her fifty-year career. Using a treasure trove of archival material that will take us back to the start of the story in Queens, New York. Diaries, personal photos and unreleased versions of songs will trace Cyndi’s story then and now.

Produced by Belfast’s Fine Point Films – Trevor Birney, Eimhear O'Neill and Andrew Tully.

Executive Producers Tom Mackay, Richard Story, Rebecca Teitel, Sophia Dilley, Wesley Adams, Lisa Barbaris, Gregory P. Cimino II, ESQ

Director of Photography Michelle McCabe
Edited by Juli Vizza
Animation by Nick Gibney

Original Score Wendy Blackstone

Producers Trevor Birney, Alison Ellwood, Eimhear O'Neill, Andrew Tully

Directed by Alison Ellwood

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