Docs Ireland 2023: Lost Boys: Belfast’s Missing Children

7:15 PM 22nd June 2023 Odeon Victoria Square

Docs Ireland 2023 presents Lost Boys: Belfast's Missing Children (2023), an investigation of several missing cases at the start of The Troubles.

During the winter of 1969, young boys started to disappear off the streets of Belfast, never to be seen again.

By 1974, as ‘The Troubles’ were reaching a bloody and vicious peak, five boys in total had vanished from within a five-mile radius of each other.

After a 5 year investigation, Lost Boys pulls at the threads of these unresolved disappearances to unfold an extraordinary untold tale of abuse, murder and potential cover-up that asks serious questions of the British state and its intelligence operations in Northern Ireland.

Produced by Des Henderson and Ed Stobart. Co-funded by Alleycats.

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