11:30 AM 12th December 2018 Queen's Film Theatre

Will Ferrell's take on a North Pole elf trying to figure out Manhattan just might be the funniest he's ever been, and this is certainly one of the best Christmas movies from the last twenty years.

Elf follows the fish-out-of-water story of Buddy (Ferrell); an oversized elf who leaves the North Pole for Manhattan in search of his real family, after realising he is in fact a human inadvertently raised as an elf.

Under the watchful eye of writer/director Jon Favreau, Will Ferrell’s performance as loveable man-child Buddy is played with supreme comedic skill. With a tongue-in-cheek story and accessible humour for children and adults alike, Elf is a true modern Christmas classic.

Dir: John Favreau, USA, 2003, 97 mins., PG