Fight Club

7:30 PM 28th December 2018 The Playhouse Portrush

PFT presents our Crimbo Limbo film of 2018 to smack you back into reality after all those gluttonous and consumerist festivities.

The last great film of the 20th century, Fight Club ripped open the screen when it was released, showcasing the nihilism and doubt of the time, both in society and masculinity. Adapted from Chuck Pahulnick's ferocious novel, and driven by incredible performances from Brad Pitt and Edward Norton,  'Fight Club is one movie that exactly caught the pre-millennial tension. Great performances, stunning visuals and a plot like nothing you've ever seen - one of the films of the year'  Empire

Dir: David Fincher, USA, 1999, 139mins, 15

£3 - 4.50