In Dreams Are Monsters: Rare Exports

9:15 PM 10th December 2022 Queen's Film Theatre

Queen's Film Theatre presents the Christmas themed, Finnish dark fantasy Rare Exports (2010).

Based on the award-winning shorts of director Jalmari Helander, Rare Exports is a film for those who think they don't believe in Santa Claus anymore.

In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 metres deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up!

In the Finnish Arctic, young Pietari (Onni Tommila) lives with his widowed father, Rauno (Jorma Tommila), at an economically depressed reindeer slaughterhouse. Nearby, a mysterious American science expedition has stumbled upon a great find, apparently connected to the legend that Santa is buried here: the malevolent character of local folklore. The day before Christmas, Rauno and his neighbours stumble on a field of dead and mutilated reindeer. The adults assume some large, savage wolf is to blame, but Pietari and his friend Juuso (Ilmari Jarvenpaa) know there’s a more sinister force at work, and the following day they realise all the local children are missing.

"For anyone who can look a little askance at the monster that contemporary Christmas has become, this artfully made Finnish tale is -- I kid you not -- a real treat." Washington Post

Screening as part of In Dreams Are Monsters: A Season of Horror Films, a UK-wide film season supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.

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