7:30 PM 13th October 2023 Ranfurly House

Dungannon Film Club presents Denis Villeneuve's Middle Eastern set drama Incendies (2010).

Denis Villeneuve has directed some of the biggest films of the last 10 years - Dune, Prisoners, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival - but before the high-concept sci-fi and hard-boiled thrillers he arguable directed his best film, a slow-burning maze of revenge, war and broken families.

Incendies is an unflinching story about family, war and self-discovery that hits you like a freight train. Unfolding with the same grandeur of a Greek tragedy, two different story lines blend together and ultimately collide in a gut-wrenching climax. The first one follows a set of twins who embark on a journey in order to uncover their family roots. The second recounts their late mother’s life through a set of flashbacks taking place in a fictionalized Middle East country that heavily borrows from the Lebanese Civil War.

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