LFF: Earth Mama

9:30 PM 05th October 2023 Queen's Film Theatre

BFI London Film Festival presents Earth Mama (2023), a drama about a young, working class mother.

Savanah Leaf’s directorial feature debut is an intimate depiction of a mother’s fear and love.

Gia (Tia Nomore) is a young mother fighting for her children. Her son and daughter are in foster care, and now her unborn child could also be taken away. Struggling to work enough hours with court-mandated classes, she’s barely making ends meet. Gia loves her children unconditionally, but how will she give them the future they deserve?

Between the backdrops of Gia’s counselling classes and portrait studio job, Leaf crafts a story that redefines perspectives and asks us to bear witness — to vulnerability and the desire to be seen. Leaf’s permeating vision brings fullness and complexity to Gia, reclaiming her humanity and honouring the different forms love can take.

Please note: this festival screening will start promptly at the advertised time and will not include ads or trailers.

Presented as part of the 67th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express.

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