Outburst 2019: Trouble + Discussion

6:20 PM 12th November 2019 Queen's Film Theatre

A 1971 BBC documentary about love across the religious divide of Northern Ireland is the starting point of this heart-breaking story of a woman reuniting with her estranged father after many years.

Los Angeles-based artist Mariah Garnett picks up her personal story with interviews and investigations revealing the traumatic effects of political upheavals on Belfast communities then and now. Garnett adds a queer playfulness through an incredible performance as her father, alongside multiple camera formats that interrogate constructions of identity.

This remarkable debut film, created partly with Belfast crew and featuring many local LGBTQ faces, recently premiered at London Film Festival and features trans actress Robyn Reihill playing the girlfriend of Garnett’s father.

Dir: Mariah Garnett, USA, Austria, Ireland, UK, 2019, 83 mins, Unrated

We're delighted to welcome director and artist Mariah Garnett to Outburst to talk about the film after the screening