Psychoanalytic Film Club Presents Solaris

11:00 AM 10th November 2018 Strand Arts Centre

The Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations Psychoanalytic Film Club in association with Banterflix, presents an Analytic Film Event at the Strand Arts Centre.

Solaris (2002) is a science fiction film directed by Steven Soderbergh, adapted from Andrei Tarkovsky's original 1971 film. Important questions are asked about the nature of being. The film is a philosophical mediation of love, loss, memory and self-identity. What is sanity and what is madness? When we love someone, who do we love - that person, or our idea or memory of that person? Is this a ghost story, a story of unresolved grief in which the dead haunt the living? The deep melancholia and subversion of reality causes us to ask if the progress of the film is a journey into psychosis.

We are delighted to welcome back the psychoanalyst Dr Eve Watson for our 4th Annual Autumn Film Event. Eve will be in conversation with the film critic Jim McClean from Banterflix.

The programme will include a pre-film interview conversation with Eve followed by the screening of the film Solaris in the iconic setting of Strand Arts Centre. The afternoon session will offer an in-depth analysis of the film with a Q&A session.

Dir: Steven Soderbergh, USA, 2002, 98 mins