Rebecca — Cinematic Breakfast

11:00 AM 20th July 2019 Nerve Centre

Sit back and relax with a coffee and croissant watching some all time classic films on the big screen. No better way to spend your weekend.

The second Mrs de Winter is a shy and naive young woman, besotted with the charming Maxim de Winter.

They meet and fall in love while vacationing on the Riviera, and after a speedy marriage, return to Maxim's large English estate, Manderly. His wife is introduced to an army of servants who display hostility towards her, as they all adored Rebecca, Max's first wife, whose death is shrouded in mystery. As the servants become more hostile, the second wife grows more fearful, until she eventually learns the secret of what really happened to Rebecca.

Winner of two Oscars.

'Hitchcock’s first American film (and his only Best Picture winner), Rebecca is a masterpiece of haunting atmosphere, Gothic thrills, and gripping suspense.' Hollywood Reporter

For catering purposes audiences are strongly advised to book in advance.

Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, 1940, USA, 130 mins.