Sing Street

8:00 PM 21st September 2019 Newcastle Community Cinema

From acclaimed filmmaker John Carney, writer & director of Once and Begin Again, comes this pitch-perfect little gem of a movie about music, girls, & coming of age in 80s Dublin. 

Sing Street stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as Conor, a teenager struggling to fit in,  who decides against all the odds that acceptance and becoming “cool” will only happen for him if he starts his own band. And so, against a backdrop of Duran, A-Ha & the Jam, he pulls together a ragtag bunch of mates with varying abilities, to start their own group and change the world. Enter Raphina, an older, backcombed muse for Conor, who steals our hero's heart as she stars in the new band’s video, and things start to get very messy for all involved.

Bursting with heart, colour & joy, this is a glorious film that tips the nod to other greats like Gregory’s Girl in its perfect depiction of the awkwardness and purity of young love.

The soundtrack bumps along brilliantly with nostalgia 80s feelgood fever, and Sing Street never deviates from its path in delivering a charming, cool, knowing film rich in character, humour and the feel-good factor. Great cast + smart direction + 80s music & hair = Unmissable!