The Devil’s Donkey – Haunted Cinema Experience

6:00 PM 26th October 2019 Nerve Centre


26th October 2019 - 6:00 PM27th October 2019 - 8:00 PM

The Devil’s Donkey – Haunted Cinema Experience written by comedian Peter Davidson will feature live performance alongside an exclusive screening of this “long lost” horror classic.

Expect a scare or two as this is an interactive jump-filled cinematic experience presented as part of the Nerve Centre’s Halloween offerings.

Written and directed by Peter Davidson

The Devils Donkey, a film infamously cursed and rumoured to be possessed, will screen in the Nerve Centre’s haunted cinema for the first time since 1948 in the run up to Halloween. Are you brave enough to come and see it?

The last remaining copy of the film was recently unearthed in the ruins of a burnt down ice cream factory in Guatemala. The tales of what happened to all the cast, crew and catering staff on the film are the things of Hollywood legend. Could this film truly be possessed?

Come along to the Nerve Centre's haunted cinema this Halloween for an opening night fright like no other.

Screening/performance times: October 26/27 at 6pm & 7pm in the Nerve Centre Cinema.

Suitable for ages 10+