The Ninth Configuration

8:00 PM 20th July 2019 Beanbag Cinema

Somewhere between mystery and terror lies, The Ninth Configuration! Join BanterFlix at the Beanbag Cinema as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with a screening of William Peter Blatty’s psychological drama, The Ninth Configuration.

William Peter Blatty considers this movie to be the true sequel to The Exorcist (1973) as opposed to a mere follow-up. The Exorcist dealt with the existence of both good and evil, The Ninth Configuration deals with the mystery of good.

A new commanding officer arrives at a remote castle serving as an insane asylum for mentally ill and A.W.O.L. U.S. soldiers where he attempts to rehabilitate them by allowing them to live out their crazy fantasies while combatting his own long-suppressed insanity.

Among the many patients, there is a former astronaut, Billy Cutshaw (Scott Wilson), who aborted a moon launch and was dragged screaming from the capsule, suffering from an apparent mental breakdown.