Tonic Classic Film Club: The Big Lebowski

7:00 PM 31st May 2023 The Court House Bangor

The Court House's Tonic Classic Film Club presents the Coen Brothers' slacker classic The Big Lebowski (1998) starring Jeff Bridges

This trippy comedy from the Coen brothers is a cult classic with Lebowski Fests now held annually in several US cities. Join Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), AKA ‘The Dude’, in his quest for justice after gangsters pee all over his favourite rug after arriving at the wrong address. The outlandish storyline begins in Raymond Chandler territory then throws in ten-pin bowling, German nihilists, performance art, and an astonishing drug-induced dream sequence.

The film’s unforgettable cast of incompetents and misfits is brought to life by such talents as John Goodman, John Turturro, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore – and the inspired soundtrack contributes an extra layer of pleasure. Twenty-five years after the movie’s release, the Dude still abides.

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