Film Hub NI #17 Belfast Special

10th February 2022 48 mins

In this episode, Film Hub NI are joined by Joan Parsons, Head of QFT and Mimi Turtle, CEO of Strand Arts Centre to discuss the huge impact of Kenneth Branagh's Belfast on local cinema and local audiences.


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About this Podcast

The enormous impact of Belfast on audiences across the US, UK and Ireland has brought joy to cinema owners. We're delighted to talk to the heads of two of Belfast's most important cinemas about why audiences are coming back, how exhibitors engage local communities and how cinemas are the shop window for the burgeoning NI film industry.

We're also joined by LUMI film critic Fionntán Macdonald, to talk about his recent series of blogs on Belfast films. Fionntán has taken a wide range of films, from Odd Man Out to Good Vibrations and looks at common themes as well as the problematic issues in depicting this place on screen.

You can read Fionntán's work on the QFT website.

We've also got an update on forthcoming screenings from Film Hub NI members in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all our guests, and let's show films!

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