Following on from successful tours of Bad Day for the Cut and Of Love and Law, Film Hub NI have launched a new project to facilitate tours of Independent films from the UK & Ireland, and beyond, across the membership network.

Working on at least three titles per year, Film Hub NI will work with distributors and filmmakers to support non-theatrical screenings across the country with marketing, assets, and events, such as Q & As, around the tours. Collective will also assist in amplifying theatrical releases through marketing, in advance of the smaller venue tours.

Key benefits of the touring scheme:

  • Getting local independent film in front of audiences through the thriving community cinema network that has a proven record of attracting good audiences for local content.
  • Bridging the gap between audiences, exhibitors and the production sector, and highlighting the opportunity for distributors to work with a collective of willing venues.
  • An opportunity for Film Hub NI to develop strong relationships with distributors and the production sector.

Info for filmmakers and distributors

  • If you have a film that has secured an upcoming theatrical release, and would benefit from reaching a wider audience across Northern Ireland, please contact us.
  • Priority will be given to films made primarily in the UK and Ireland, but we will consider films from further afield if we feel there may be an audience for it.
  • We are open to every genre, including documentary and animation. Film selection is at the discretion of Film Hub NI, and will be matched against criteria based on subject, audience appeal and marketing potential.
  • While we will support the theatrical release of chosen titles, the main focus of our promotion will be on the non-theatrical release. These venues will use DVD/Blu-ray to show the films.
  • Most community venues programme their seasons and events well in advance so the more notice we have, the more chance there is of securing more venues.
  • We will require aggregated audience figures across all theatrical sites, which we will add to our venue figures in order to satisfy BFI funding requirements.

Info for interested cinemas

  • Potential titles will be sent to selected members of the Film Hub NI membership for consideration. If three or more venues can take the film in a reasonable period of time then we will proceed.
  • Film Hub NI will create assets for each title, and support the tours with social media, marketing and PR. We will also liaise with distributors directly to secure (and pay for) licenses, and ensure DVDs reach venues well in advance of the screening date.
  • All venues need to comply with BFI reporting requirements.

For more information on Collective please contact Sara Gunn-Smith.

Titles toured in 2019

  • The first title to tour through this project was The Dig, produced by Out Of Orbit and released by Element Distribution. The Dig was screened at Queen's Film Theatre, Newcastle Community Cinema, Portrush Film Theatre, Dungannon Film Club and Fermanagh Film Club.
  •  Film Hub NI also worked with Wildcard Distribution to support tours of Extra Ordinary and Gaza.Extraordinary was screened at Ormeau Community Cinema, Dungannon Film Club, Fermanagh Film Club, The Braid (Ballymena) and Newcastle Community Cinema.Gaza was screened at Newcastle Community Cinema, Dungannon Film Club, Portrush Film Theatre, Aurora Community Cinema (Rostrevor) and Fermanagh Film Club (screening at the IMC).

Titles toured in 2020

  • A Bump Along The Way, released by Element Distribution. Full details are here.