Moving on Music is the leading promoter of jazz, folk, roots, traditional, classical and ‘other’ music in Northern Ireland. Established in 1995, we are an independent, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We provide an eclectic mix of music and education services to the entire community. We are dedicated to ideals of innovation and originality, championing new developments in music, inspiring and nurturing musical talents, and providing opportunities for everyone to get involved in music.

We believe music can change lives and we consider our gigs life changing.

Throughout the year we will present various clustered events including Electronic, Roots and Contemporary Music weekends. These events showcase the very best of local, national and international musicians.

We present and promote a large number of special one-off events in Belfast, which embrace all types of music and take place in various venues across the City.

We co-ordinate tours, which feature local and international acts and cover a wide range of musical genres, such as jazz, traditional, classical, bluegrass and pop/rock. We then work with an extensive network of venues, local authorities and arts/community centres, to bring these tours to audiences across Northern Ireland.

Each year, during the final week of March, we host Belfast’s only jazz festival, ‘Brilliant Corners’. The festival combines local talent with international contemporaries, and Belfast audiences have really embraced it, with numbers growing year on year. As always the focus is on quality music, and we aim to deliver the most exciting programme of jazz each year.

Alongside our live music gigs, we also screen the best films about music and musicians. At the 2020 Brilliant Corners festival, this included jazz films Mama Africa; The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith; The Connection; and Imagine the Sound.

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