FAN UK Lead for Non-Theatrical Exhibition

31st July 2018 3 Minute Read

Film Hub NI is proud to be the Film Audience Network UK Lead for Non-Theatrical Exhibition, developing links between FAN and the wider non-theatrical sector. We believe that small, community and society film exhibitors are a key part of the cinema culture of the UK, delivering the best of film to audiences across the country

From 2018-2022, we will work closely with our fellow Hubs to ensure that the opportunities that FAN brings to the independent sector are communicated across the NTE sector. The impact and influence of the NTE sector is key to the underpinning of a thriving, sustainable exhibition sector in the UK.

We will champion the role of NT exhibitors in FAN and without, as we recognise the contribution that they make, especially in delivering independent cinema in rural areas, and their ability to develop communities of film culture, involve young audiences and demonstrate the values of diversity and inclusion in their work.

For more information, contact the NTE Key Worker, Dr Jennie Carlsten.

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