Film Hub North announce Changing Times FAN Archive Programme

16th November 2018 3 Minute Read

We're delighted our FAN colleagues in Film Hub North have announced Changing Times - an opportunity for all FAN members to explore and screen archive work.

Changing Times is a four-year, nationwide programme of screen heritage activity delivered by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN). It is an exploration of over one hundred years of social change as documented by moving image material held in our film and television archives.

Through a series of screenings and public events, Changing Times will offer audiences the chance to reflect on a century of cultural transformation by uncovering the many voices, hidden histories and forgotten stories that make up our collective past, and will foster stronger links between the archive and exhibition sectors. Changing Times will provide audiences with striking, insightful and intimate encounters with screen heritage in all its regional and national diversity.

Building on FAN’s previous successes in working with archive partners to explore the history of place and landscape, Changing Times will offer a renewed focus on the history of people and society - casting a spotlight on inspiring individuals, unique communities and cultures in transition.

By experiencing the past through the lens of social history, audiences will connect with the untold human stories and plural voices within the archive, helping them to discover historical narratives that are relevant in the here and now.

This project is an opportunity for FAN Members to grow audiences for screen heritage material, to strengthen their relationships with partners at the Regional and National Film Archives and to deliver effective, collaborative archive programmes together.

Our focus on hidden histories is an invitation to programmers and curators to explore our collective past in new and exciting ways.

Changing Times activity will focus on audience-facing programmes and industry initiatives. The key objectives are:

  • To increase the exhibition of screen heritage material across FAN
  • To boost audience engagement with the UK’s screen heritage, with a particular focus on FAN target areas of reaching young people (aged 16-30) and increasing the diversity of audiences
  • To explore our shared past through the histories of people and society
  • To strengthen partnerships between FAN exhibitors and the Regional and National Film Archives.

In its first year, Changing Times centres on Women’s Histories as reflected within the UK’s screen archive collections. From January to May 2019, we will celebrate the inspiring advances made by generations of remarkable women who have transformed attitudes and changed our everyday lives.

Support of £500 - £15,000 is available via the Engagement Fund, and we'll be revealing the Film Menu and funding to enhance screenings soon.

Full details of how to get involved can be found on the Film Hub North website.

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