Episode 6 – how can online work enhance real life screenings

23rd March 2021 41 Mins

If your organisation has been moved to screening online and engaging audiences in this way, what happens next as we move out the pandemic?


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About this Podcast

As cinemas and venues start to reopen, it is important not to lose the connections made and the experiences gained while working in the online space. Hugh and Sara are joined on this podcast by Andi Jarvis (eximo marketing) to look to future and discuss the ‘experience’ of audiences, the value of these experiences, turning online audiences into real life audiences and how to keep using an online space to complement in real life work.

The Moving Pictures Podcast series forms part of a wider Moving Pictures Programme of training and mentoring for Film Hub NI Members. Sincere thanks to Northern Ireland Screen for supporting this initiative through the Department for Communities.

Every effort has been made to provide a quality listening experience but please note that these recordings were made during January – March 2021 in our homes over Zoom so the sound quality may, at times, be patchy. Many thanks to our wonderful producer, Stephen Mullan, for all his hard work recording and editing this work under difficult circumstances.

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